Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Est-ce que vous êtes folle?

Well, the first day of school has come to an end... and well... I can't help but feel overwhelmed.

Monday through Thursday, school starts basically either at 7:35 or 8:00. Waking up is.... well... waking up -_-'' It takes me quite some time to actually regain full consciousness to sit up and think oh hey, I should probably get ready. Unless... I'm late. haha... then, I just jump out of bed after looking at the time and like pull on whatever clothing is closest, shove my feet into socks and whichever pair of shoes is easiest to put on, and well i grab my bag and run! ^_^ what a fun routine huh? :p

This morning, it took a while to get used to waking up extra early since for the past month I've been sleeping in and waking mostly at 12:00. I set five alarms on my phone and was a bit disoriented when groping around in the dark to stop the irritating sounds. XDD My sister later told me that I only woke to the third alarm. hahas. I guess I'm a deep sleeper.

The first class of the day was Biochem with Dr. Stephani! Two hours long! It's okay since I get to see lots of people I know in that class. However that excited mode I was in was immediately put out when my arch nemesis, who I shall not name, decided to sit down next to my two friends, Jackey and Danny, immediately not giving me or my other friend Li a chance to take a seat next to them. (She's not my arch nemesis btw. and it would take forever to explain the situation so let's not ^_^) We settled for sitting a row further up.

Then, the class started! To me, time flew. But that was probably due to the fact that I was doodling in my notebook. Li, however, felt the full effects, with her 15 million yawns which she failed to stifle! (hehe...) The professor kind of wanders off on tangents but it's not so bad as sometimes the things he says are interesting. The only thing I'm worried about is his exams. And I really hope to pull all A's this semester. Li tells me that he has terrible ratings and that a lot of people don't think he's that great. To tell the truth, I am scared. But hey, who says you can't get an A if the prof. has bad ratings? It's not impossible and well, shoot for the stars, people! We got this! (hopefully... :p )

The class after biochem was Intro to Public Health with Dr. Baturay, and let's just say this class is going to be hell to keep up with. It's not that the material is hard. It's more like she has a powerpoint up from which she reads directly and then jumps to the next page without giving much time for us to copy notes. And well, if we miss it then too bad because she doesn't post the powerpoints up for us to review. She also had terrible ratings. But I'm sure once we figure out how to keep up we'll be able to pull through. Li and I were discussing recording if possible or taking pics of the slides. haha. but yeah, apparently Baturay reminds Li of Ms. Arcuri from BTHS. XDD She's supposedly a legend at my former high school. hahas. Either way, I'm sure we can do this too!

Last but not least, the class I ended with was Metaphysics with Prof. Fernandez! He has a hell of a sense of humor and well I'm really looking forward to this class. I really hope to pass this class with flying colors, but of course you never know... There's two pop quizzes, two papers, and two exams that go into final grades. Despite the workload that seems to be presented, I think I can do it! Also, it was nice to end the day with a pretty fun class. And well hey, at least I didn't end all gloomy and tired like last semester!

However, tomorrow isn't looking very good T_T Anatomy&Physiology with Dr. Carroll, Pharmacoeconomics with Dr. Khan, and Biomed Lab. sigh* A&P is Carroll's forte so we gotta know our stuff if we want A's. Khan got very very very bad ratings. And Biomed Lab just seems to be too much work. gahhhh...

This is the part where I ask myself, Est-ce que vous êtes folle? (French for: Are you insane?) hehe... I feel like I'm already drowning from anxiety and our second day has yet to begin. And I certainly regret choosing this block schedule. I wish I had better teachers, but it's not something we can help, you know? And that's when I recalled something a really good friend blogged about:

[...] When everything looks down, never give up. Things may look bad now, but you can always improve on them. regrets and mistakes are only stepping stones to become a better person. Even id the road before you is broken, that just means that you now have to repair it. Never. Give. Up."
- Alger (If you're reading this, thanks! hehe. you really helped pick me up!)

Never give up! That is something I want to stay with me this new year! I want to perservere no matter how bad the professors seem. I want to be able to get really good grades, graduate from this program, and then travel to Japan and other Asian countries like Hong Kong and Taiwan. It's good to dream sometimes ;D hehe....

Okay kiddies, time for bed. But one last thing: WE GOT THIS! Let's all do our best! and Never. Ever. Give. Up! ^_^ Looking forward to another day, to more opportunties, and of course a trip to Japan! And with that in mind: Est-ce que vous êtes folle? Non! Bonne nuit. Au revoir :p

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