Thursday, January 14, 2010

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children!

A strange disease is decimating the land and it's up to the hero Cloud to emerge from solitude and defeat a new breed of enemy in the computer animated feature that picks up where Final Fantasy VII left off. It has been two years since the events of Final Fantasy VII, and though the ruins of Midgar still stand to show the sacrifices made for peace, a new threat to mankind has arrived. With the citizens of the countryside falling ill and old enemies rising from the ashes to seek revenge, Cloud must leap back into action and help his fellow friends lest his solitude leave all of mankind vulnerable to another devastating attack.

Even if you have not played Final Fantasy VII, which I have not, you will still absolutely love this movie! As I've mentioned before I am in love with the graphics that Square Enix seems to constantly provide. This movie was released quite some time ago but it is worth watching over and over and over again. hehe... forgive me. i am seriously in love with Final Fantasy graphics :p

By the way, Cloud, the protagonist, although quite effeminate, is very good looking in my terms. The antagonists aren't that bad either. I just love the way they all look! XDD

Did I already mention? The graphics are to die for! hehe. same kind of graphics used for up and coming final fantasy games that I've mentioned in previous posts!

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