Monday, March 1, 2010

No thanks... I don't want to wake up yet ...

... so yeah. Please don't wake me 'til spring comes around the corner :p I'm hibernating!

haha. I really wish I could sleep until Spring comes around. Sadly, although I like to nap and am hungry all the time, I am no bear and have no time to sleep my winter away. For me and my buddies, it's week after week of stress!

Last week, we got a small break... in the form of a snow day! So we ended up getting Friday off, but yeah... that was a lot of snow... that needed shoveling. Guess what took up most of Friday? That's right, lots of shoveling and little rest. After shoveling I didn't feel the urge to nap anymore since I had a feeling that if I did, once I wake up my muscles would be in a lot of pain :O haha so I ended up just kinda laying around here and there being lazy until nighttime came around.

Because it was a snow day on Friday, my Metaphysics midterm got pushed to today in the afternoon. That's the third examination of the semester. Thursday will be Pharmacoeconomics midterm and then, two Wednesdays from this week is the Public Health midterm. I am bummed. And I can't help but feel overwhelmed. However, I was talking to my friend last week at church about college and St. John's Pharm D program specifically. And I told her that I just hope I don't fail out first, but she reminded me that if this is where God wants me, then this is where God will put me. I just need to let go of my worries and put my trust in His hands. I haven't been doing that much lately but she reminded me that God has plans for me and it's best to just trust Him with everything.

I still can't help but feel overwhelmed, but knowing that He is watching and being able to trust him with my worries does take a burden off my shoulders. I know, I'm a terrible Christian and I don't really fully rely on him but He has always been there and you know what? He loves me whether I'm terrible or not. My sister often reminds me too. haha She's a more faithful Christian than me. bad monique! always doubting and forgetting to talk to God! Hopefully as time passes, I'll be able to get over this obstacle and really trust him with everything. It is His will where he wants me.

Also, I have pretty awesome friends that help me through troubling times and I'm really glad that they're also here to stop me from giving up and to support me when even I don't believe in myself. There are always times when we feel terrible but look around. There's gotta be people who support you all around. You just need to stop looking down. and yeah, I know I need to start taking my own advice too... haha I'm always the one looking down. always dreading the passing days... it's alright though I have my flaws and well... I have people who look past my flaws and help my good traits shine... and when I stop and realize that, well my days look better and no matter how many times I revert back to this depression of mine they will always be there right behind me nudging me on, and for that I am grateful. Just remember, that whenever you feel down, just look around!

Spring break is right around the corner and I can't wait since it will be a little more relaxing (even though it will involve some studying) and I can spend time with all of my awesome buddies together!

Right! Well, I have to get back to studying now. haha. Pharmeco is a pain in the butt :p Wish me and my friends luck! Have a great week.

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