Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Biochemistry, Anatomy&Physiology, and Metaphysics Galore...

So~ I haven't stopped by in a while... and well I obviously have an excuse for that. It's gonna be one long and tiring semester. This week, I have a paper and three tests plus lab all lined up. =.=;; hahas. I'm pretty bummed. First off is Biochemistry test tomorrow T_T apparently this professor's tests are pretty tough, no curves and well he tends to wander off on awkward tangents in class so we never know what's important or not. Regardless, he's very enthusiastic about this subject and well hey hopefully it's not so bad. If I screw up this test, there's still a chance to pull it up to a B right? xD well let's hope it'll all work out for everyone who's taking this test. My metaphysics paper is due tomorrow afternoon and well let's just say I have no clue what's going on... haha. but here's crossing my fingers that the professor thinks my paper is alright. ahh... so Thursday is our Anatomy&Physiology exam. Apparently A&P is out professor's forte. It's not a bad subject but I'm just worried about the memorization of all the tiny little details. Here's hoping I can pull off an A if I study well. Lab is due the same day. Lab isn't hard but it takes time out of study and is quite tedious and I never know what to write to get my report a full 10 out of 10 and then there's lab quizzes... -_-'' Friday, last but not least is my Metaphysics exam.... no comment. Busy busy week, huh? I haven't gotten a chance to do much outside of school work and study. But let's pray that this week goes smoothly and all my buddies in my classes do well too! For now, until the craziness is over, my presence online will be minimal. Good luck to everyone! みんなさん、がんばります!

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