Sunday, February 5, 2012

Ominous Dream(s) or Perhaps Nightmare(s)

Hi again. Haven't been posting much but you must forgive me! Classes are getting tougher and tougher to handle these days, I guess.

So I'm not exactly sure what to call the moving images from my subconscious state. Dreams or nightmares? Maybe you can help me decide.

It starts off with a female of unknown origin. In reality I don't know her, but in this realm of dreams I was her friend. She's of some enhanced clan of warriors. The last of her kind. Apparently they live to train and fight. Don't ask me how I knew, the information was just there.

Another being had challenged her. If she did not go however, he would destroy all those dear to her. [I apologize if this series of scenes causes confusion, you'll just have to bear with me.]

Of course, she had to take on this evil. She wouldn't have involved the ones she cared for. The scene that plays out in front of me is a confusion of images but I knew she was left barely alive. The only reason she was still breathing was because of her enhanced blood. She was built to endure more than the human race. The other being left, most likely assuming she would expire any second. She had been the only survivor of his attacks, even then, it was barely. She had dragged her torn body back home and that was the last of that scene as it faded into a completely different place.

This time, I was myself. It was a group of us. And we were running from something. Hiding. The adrenaline was thick in the air. We managed to lock ourselves in a large chamber that looked very much like a lab strewn with tables and such. The lot of us were searching for a way out of this dead end that would keep us safe until they were able to break down the doors. I, myself, was climbing tables tearing grates from the vents high above. Unfortunately, they were too small for any of us to fit through. The last of my thoughts was sh*t, we're so screwed as the scene changed yet again.

This time it was my death warrant. I had received a similar challenge as the being from the initial scene. A swarm of thoughts attacked my mind. There was only one sole survivor and she was left in quite a terrible state. I had been frantically looking for loopholes, thinking he must have the wrong person. I was your average human being with no enhanced strength or speed; no combat abilities. But I had a deadline.

I had resigned to the knowledge that I would be dead very soon. I had to go meet him. He would not have my friends and family. Speaking of friends and family, I needed to break the news to them. They were not going to change my mind but they needed to know.

My father and mother looked devastated. I was given a phone that was bugged. Apparently it was linked to my soul and as soon as I died it would let them know I was gone and where to retrieve my body. They too had assumed the worst but hoped for a different outcome. My best friend had been out shopping. I went to meet her; to tell her of the news. She hid her feelings but the dread and tension hung so heavily in the air. I reached for a pair of shoes she was looking at and told her that when I got out of it I would get us both a pair so that she would have something to look forward too. Haha. It looked more like she wanted to punch me in the face when she asked, "how can you still kid around so easily with this hanging above your head?"

I didn't have to come up with an answer because at that point the dream had once again warped into a different scene. This time all my relatives were gathered for dinner. My farewell dinner I supposed, as everyone was wearing such mournful faces and of course all black. They said their goodbyes and ate. My grandfather had no words, just tears. It broke my heart. My grandmother spoke to keep the tears at bay. Told me to eat, that everything was going to be okay.

Then a mysterious earthquake hit. A quiet one. Only slight tremors were felt. But I knew it was time when everyone in the place seemed to falling into a lull; a hypnosis of some sort. I was the only one to be attentive. Everyone seemed to have fainted but one touch and they were back. I ran around getting them back up.

After seeing to that, the scene had twisted once again and this time I was heading for the location of my challenge. That was the last of it. I don't know what happened next because I woke up. How anticlimactic right?

I went back to sleep thinking maybe I could find out the end of the story and also because it was 3 in the morning. haha... but the story was gone and another formed in its place. This time I was also part of it. A group of classmates were with me. A professor of some sort. His appearance had always been a strange one to me. He had been tall with a skinny frame. Long neck and sagging facial features. Small, beady eyes with scarcely any hair left on his head.

He was taking us on a tour through an "acclaimed" horror house museum where people disappeared all the time. We assumed it was just a set that movie makers used for their slasher movies. But no one has ever heard of it before.

Then one by one, some of our classmates began disappearing. The professor was no where to be found. Screams were heard. Then he was back with us. Eyes wild. But not because he was afraid. He was the culprit and hungered for more. But out of no where a strange being came out of the shadows and speared him between the eyes stating that she had been searching for him for the longest time and looked down upon his sprees of murder; murmuring something about our generation being the future of this planet.

He didn't stay dead for long though. When we looked again he had been gone and the spear lay on the floor where he had been. It was unbelievable since we watched the thing hit him smack in the middle but who were we to question. The other being led us to safety away from the place.

That about finishes up the series of moving images. My subconscious is mad crazy, huh? I have yet to decipher it.

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